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Do you suffer from headaches? You are in the right place!

Everyday headaches disrupt the lives of millions. This unwanted pain often ruins your day's plans, interrupts work, and leaves you feeling un-rested and irritable. Over the years, I have met numerous patients who have accepted their headaches as a normal part of their lives and simply choose to live with them. Do not let this happen to you. The treatment style of Prairie Ridge Chiropractic might just be the solution for you.  

Not all headaches are created equal. We like to think of them as being multi-faceted in nature. This means the headache you have, whether you think of it as tension headache or a migraine, there are potentially many factors that lead to the onset of your headaches. Allergies, food sensitivities, eye strain, hormonal changes, emotional stress, injuries, or other irritants may be involved. Certainly we will not eliminate all those potential irritants from your life, but we can help with any mechanical problems that put unnecessary physical stress on the head and neck area. By reducing unnecessary physical stress, it is sometimes enough to allow you to better handle the irritants and the potential headache triggers that life throws at you without developing symptoms.  

This strategy has been shown in our office to be highly effective at helping reduce and eliminate headache and associated symptoms.  

Call Dr. Willers and Dr. Carter today and say goodbye to your headaches.  

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Thank you for choosing Prairie Ridge Chiropractic. We have been serving Sioux Falls for over 9 years. Our Treatment focuses on fast pain relief through soft tissue therapies, stretch therapy, and rehab exercises. We accept most insurance plans, auto accidents, and work comp injuries. Conveniently located near you with same day appointments available. Call Dr. Chris Willers or Dr. David Carter today. 

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