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Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back pain

Here is How We Do it

Our treatment is a simple philosophy. We reduce excess or unnecessary physical stress on the injured or painful body part so your pain is reduced and you can begin to heal quickly. 

This is concept is simple, but yet you have probably not heard about it until now. 

If you have been to a chiropractor before you know the “go to treatment” is the chiropractic adjustment. You know what I'm talking about, the “crack, pop, and snap” so often associated with the profession. While this certainly can be an vital part of a successful treatment strategy, it is simply one of the “tools” we MIGHT use to treat patients. Our primary focus is on WHY your joint/spine needs to be adjusted in the first place. 

Typically if you are having spine or other joint pain there is some dysfunction, ie loss of motion or abnormal position of the joints and thus the feeling of “needing to be adjusted”. I do not like to simply “adjust” a restricted joint without attempting to figure out why it occurred in the first place and if there is anything we can do to minimize the potential of reoccurrence. The last thing I want is a patient coming back over and over again for the same thing because we did not take the extra time to properly treat the problem. 

During the examination we look at the health of your muscles. Specifically, we look at your muscular balance or in most cases, your muscular imbalance. This means we look for tight muscles, weak muscles, strong muscles, fatigued muscles, overactive muscles, under used muscles, etc... All these muscles have multiple attachments to your bone structure and control how your joints move and function. Errors in this muscle health can directly or indirectly put some unneeded stress and workload on your spine and joints. This is often the source of musculoskeletal pain conditions or at least a contributing factor. Of course this system can be can be applied to most other pain and injuries even if they are not related to the spine or other joints, ie muscle strains, ligamentus sprains, nerve compression, etc...  Once we have thoroughly evaluated your condition and arrived at the appropriate diagnosis now the fun part begins, education and treatment.   

The treatment methods used can vary significantly from person to person. To learn more about the treatment methods used Call Today - 605 274 7007

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