What To Expect On Your Vist

Thorough Evaluations

An average of 60 minutes is spent face to face with the doctor on your first visit to ensure your problem is fully understood and properly diagnosed.  

Quick Results

Lengthy treatment plans are usually not needed. Most conditions are biomechanical in nature and can be treated quickly and effectively in just a few visits. 

Patient Education

Patients are thoroughly educated about their condition and taught self care strategies to decrease their need for future care. 

The "Willers Way"

Advance Soft tissue and stretching methods are used to correct myofascial imbalances which are a common source of dysfunction and pain.   Individualized rehab programs are developed to increase flexibility, improve strength, build core stability, and restore proper movement patterns.  

Joint Manipulation

Joint manipulation is not based upon alignment and may not be necessary for every patient. When deemed necessary, it is utilized to restore functionality, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. 

Patient Management

We enjoy updating and working with our patient’s family physicians and other specialists to provide complete comprehensive care.