Phases Of Care

Pain and Symptom Relief

Average Of 1-4 Visits Is Expected 

This type of care will first and foremost help relieve the patient of their pain and associated symptoms. Office visits will be fairly frequent and treatment focused on offering quick relief.  Depending on examination findings, cryotherapy, bracing or taping, activity restriction, and lifestyle modifications may be needed to reduce and alleviate symptoms.

Rehabilitative and Corrective Care

 An Average Of 2-4 Visits Is Expected

  This type of care deals with improving the patient's spinal and joint biomechanics after symptoms have reduced. Muscle, nerve and soft tissue damage are still often present after symptoms have improved.  Stabilization of the spine and extremities will help prevent repeat onsets of the same conditions/problems.  Visit frequency is reduced but home exercises and other self-care procedures will be implemented into the patient's daily routine.  With the aches and pain gone, real healing can now occur. Stopping care now may put the patient at risk for a relapse. Remember, Pain is often the last symptom to appear and the first symptom to disappear. 

Wellness Care

 The Number Of Visits Is Determined On An Individual Basis

This type of care is probably the most important, as it keeps the patient healthy and prevents relapses of the previous problem/condition. Whether you are currently feeling great or have reached maximum improvement following an injury, periodic regular treatment is strongly recommended.  These visits are preventative and will help detect and correct any new problems before they become serious. Health conscious adults choose this type of care for themselves and their families because of the multitude of benefits.